Wednesday, April 6, 2011

true evil

Target is pure evil. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve gone there just to pick up one little item, and $753 later, I’m like, “how the hell did that happen?”

Over the weekend we stopped by Target to pick up a birthday gift for a co-worker, and BAM $10,000 later and we have the beginnings to a rehab of our terrace.
We found these solar lights for the terrace that are a string of little sun lights. I HAD to have them because they are solar. Because you know, bending over to plug in a strand of lights is freaking difficult, not to mention very time consuming. These solar lights are going to change my life. Then, we found the meditating woman. I HAD to have her. She is going to bring peace and tranquility to the terrace. The terrace which is on State Street in downtown Chicago, the terrace which has the ‘L’ tracks* ½ block east of us, I mean really, how much tranquility can one find on State Street with the L going by every 15 minutes. Whatever, that little woman is going to change lives.

But then last night when I was getting my pictures ready for this post, I realized she is not a little meditating lady. She has no boobies.

So, this little meditation man is going to change lives.
*For those of you not familiar with Chicago, our public transit system has an ‘L’ which stands for elevated, or some say it stands for Loop (the Loop of downtown Chicago). The ‘L’ has a part which is subway, and isn’t noisy for its neighbors. The ‘L’ also has the elevated part which is very noisy for its neighbors.

note:  the $10,000 price tag was a slight exaggeration