Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yum..potatoes. Wait no! I mean Couch Potato

I have the iPhone and love it. I didn't think I would really love it, but I do. The possibilities seem endless with all the aps you can get. So, I recently got this ap called COUCH TO 5K. If any of you know me even remotely well, you know I DON'T run. It pains me to run across the street, and I could kill Camel (the new dog) when she decides to run up the ramp home. So this idea of "couch" (oh yeah, that's me. I love the couch) to 5K intrigued me.
The premise behind the ap is that you are to run 3 times a week and each week it gets a bit more difficult, and at the end of the 9th week, you should be able to run a 5K without stopping.
I am currently on week 3.
Week 1 wasn't so bad. There was a 5 minute warm-up, then you alternate 60 seconds of jogging with 90 seconds of walking, and end with a 5 minute cool down for a total of 30 minutes.
Week 2 had 90 seconds of jogging and then 2 minutes of walking.
Week 3 is 1.5 minutes of jogging, 1.5 minutes of walking, 3 minutes of jogging, 3 minutes of walking.
You get the idea.
The cool thing is that you can have your music playing on your iPhone, and then this ap will 'talk' over your music and say either "run now" or "walk now". It's pretty cool.
I am in a panic about week 5 though. It expects me to be able to run non-stop for 20 minutes at the end of that week. YEAH RIGHT!! Running non-stop for 3 minutes this morning nearly had me ordering oxygen when I got home.
So, here's hoping I make it to week 9 someday. It'll be a miracle.
I may just have to stay at week 4 for awhile. Wouldn't want to rush things.

Friday, September 18, 2009

FEAST! The bee's knees

Stephanie's pick for September's dinner was Feast at 1616 N. Damen.
Steph, Liz, Heather, and I were the four lucky diners who had so many yummy choices availabe to us from the awesome menu.
For an appetizer, we ordered guacamole and bruschetta. Both were delicious.
For main courses, I had the butternut squash ravioli,
Heather had the turkey burger,
Steph had the fish tacos,
and Liz had the panko chicken.
I know you'll never believe this, but everyone brought home a doggy bag except me. Yeah, whatever.
Everyone loved what they ordered, and everyone had a tough time choosing what they wanted. When the dessert menu came out, the waiter told us which desserts where the "bee's knees" and the "cat's meow", but we were all too stuffed to take part.

Our discussions had a lot to do with kid issues. Steph's oldest is in college, and got a HUGE hickey the first week of school. Liz has THREE in college and a granddaughter that had a poopie diaper leak on her shirt. And Heather's son didn't have good 'listening ears' at school. I have one that takes off on me at the park and goes to the neighbors' house to mooch for treats, and another that scales the terrace to the neighbor's terrace across the hall.
Kids these days. Sheesh.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

What I Learned Today

Did you ever get a great outfit idea? You get this awesome picture in your head of how you will look when you put all the pieces together. You are excited to wake up the next morning and get dressed so that you will look as awesome as your vision.

I have learned today that just because you have a great vision in your head with a cute blazer and cropped wide legged pants, your ass doesn't magically disappear. Your wide hips are still there in that blazer. The blazer doesn't hide shit.

Sometimes, my imagination's pictures are much better than the real thing.