Friday, September 21, 2012

I'm Buzzing

When I am really, really tired, my body feels electric; like it’s vibrating. This morning, I feel the vibration. I am a ball of electricity. I am pretty damn tired.

I am back to interpreting in the evenings after my day job. I am a Sign Language Interpreter. I love being able to say that. It sounds so much cooler than “I’m an accountant.” Which I am; I am an accountant, but I am also a Sign Language Interpreter, and after a six year hiatus, I am back, baby.

I am so very grateful that I am working. So.Damn.Grateful. This week is my first week of almost an entire semester of working every weekday evening. I go from day job, run home, feed the dog, 2 cats, and myself, and then run out to interpret for the evening. Now, normally, my bedtime is 9pm, but that is not going to happen for awhile. I don’t get home until 10 or 10:30 most evenings, and sleep hasn’t been coming until after 11:00. So, for this chick who is used to getting up at 5am; I’m a bit sleepy this Friday.

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays: OH MY…….but as the song says, “I can sleep when I’m dead.”

But, I CAN do this. I have to do this. It feels good to have my hands moving again, and my brain working in that very special way an interpreter’s mind works. Yeah, call me in December after my umpteenth week of five nights a week, and see how perky and optimistic I sound.

And, things I am looking forward to:

*A poetry class with Maya Stein starting October 1 (I hope to fill my blog with my musings after this class)

*The new Cultivate Courage workshop with Andrea Scher starting October 8 (I am going to come to work wearing a superhero cape after this class)

*Our annual girls weekend to Park City, Utah (I hope not to have a week-long hangover after this one)

And here is me saying to myself in a bathroom mirror: “You got this, beyotch.” (as an assignment for another of Andrea Scher’s classes: Treasure Hunt)
You got this!

Excuse me now as I lay my head down on this accounting spreadsheet for just a minute…

Saturday, September 1, 2012

What Spice Am I?

The last couple of years have left me wondering which spice I am. I struggle with it often.

Am I Sporty Spice?
Am I Scary Spice?
Am I Posh Spice?

I’m certainly not Baby Spice, and I don’t really know what Ginger Spice was all about.  Actually, it’s amazing I know the Spices at all.  I was definitely too old to follow them.

But, I’ve been trying to find out where I fit. 

Am I Sporty Spice? Would Athleta clothes be more my style? I drool over the Athleta catalog and the fit models.  They all look like they completed a kick-ass work-out, and threw on some really cool clothes.  I would kill to have a body like the Athleta models.

Am I Posh Spice?  Well, posh for me is more similar to Banana Republic.  Am I classic and put together? I would love to feel put together and classic.  Like sometimes you see a woman walking down the street, and you just know she has her shit together.  I would love to give people the illusion that I have my shit together.

Am I Scary Spice?  Am I the funky chick who wears cool, funky outfits and feels unique and hip?

Just wait until Fall arrives and I can wear my Athleta dress, with some cool red patented leather hiking type boots, then I’ll be Scary-Sporty Spice.

I guess there’s a bit of everything in me.  I wonder if other women are the same, or if they have one particular style.