Saturday, September 1, 2012

What Spice Am I?

The last couple of years have left me wondering which spice I am. I struggle with it often.

Am I Sporty Spice?
Am I Scary Spice?
Am I Posh Spice?

I’m certainly not Baby Spice, and I don’t really know what Ginger Spice was all about.  Actually, it’s amazing I know the Spices at all.  I was definitely too old to follow them.

But, I’ve been trying to find out where I fit. 

Am I Sporty Spice? Would Athleta clothes be more my style? I drool over the Athleta catalog and the fit models.  They all look like they completed a kick-ass work-out, and threw on some really cool clothes.  I would kill to have a body like the Athleta models.

Am I Posh Spice?  Well, posh for me is more similar to Banana Republic.  Am I classic and put together? I would love to feel put together and classic.  Like sometimes you see a woman walking down the street, and you just know she has her shit together.  I would love to give people the illusion that I have my shit together.

Am I Scary Spice?  Am I the funky chick who wears cool, funky outfits and feels unique and hip?

Just wait until Fall arrives and I can wear my Athleta dress, with some cool red patented leather hiking type boots, then I’ll be Scary-Sporty Spice.

I guess there’s a bit of everything in me.  I wonder if other women are the same, or if they have one particular style.

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  1. These days, I am Schlumpy Spice. But even on a good day, I don't think I am any of the Spices. I'm just me. Just as you're just you. Who is awesome. As Judy Garland said, "Be a first-rate version of yourself, not a second-rate version of someone else." You are your own Spice, m'dear.