Thursday, September 22, 2011

September Girls' Dinner

I chose Piccolo Sogno for our September dinner. It was chosen based on its fabulous outdoor patio. I made the reservation way in advance to ensure our seating on the patio. Unfortunately, there were a bunch of last minute cancellations, and we were seated inside. I’m sure some of the girls were relieved because it was a bit chilly that evening, but the patio was still packed, and I’m sure the heaters made the patio feel downright cozy.

Susan and Aimee
me and Heather
Susan and I ordered the halibut, and it was delicious. Aimee had the Cornish hen, and Heather had the ahi seared tuna.  Here is a photo of my dessert:

Uh huh, it happened again. The pull of chocolate is so strong, and I can’t wait to dig in, that I totally neglect to take a picture of it. As you can see, that shit was A-mazing.

Monday, September 19, 2011

This shit only happens to me

Every year at work, I get audited by an outside auditor. The audit takes place at our corporate office and because I am offsite, I have to send a lot of documents to the main office. My general manager (we’ll call him Bert) brings all the documents to the main office for my accounting boss (we’ll call him Ernie) to handle and give to the auditors.

There was a big box of documents that needed to be at the main office so the audit could get underway. Bert was going to the main office to deliver the large box, as well as some other envelopes for other peoples at the main office. Because the box was large, Bert put the additional envelopes inside the audit box so it would be easier to carry. When Bert gave the box to Ernie, Bert informed Ernie that there were other envelopes in the box. Ernie was either was too busy or forgot to take the envelopes out. Ernie delivered the entire box to the auditors.

Ernie also runs our office football pool. Since I am offsite, I pay Ernie for the entire season up front. Being the jokester I am I always try to be clever with my football pools; even with sending the money. So, on the envelope that contained the football pool money, I so cleverly wrote: HUSH MONEY.

Let me remind you about the point in the story where I said Ernie forgot to take the envelopes out of the box! The auditors got EVERYTHING in the box, including an envelope labeled HUSH MONEY.

Bert got a call from the auditors saying their big guy needed to talk to him. Ernie and I were shitting our pants. I was so hoping that this story would end up in a hilarious blog entry rather than the unemployment line.

So, this is a hilarious blog entry, right?

I swear this shit only happens to me.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Augusts' Girls Dinner

We headed to the river for Augusts’ dinner. Jodee chose Bridge House Pub for our dinner, and it was a beautiful evening with perfect weather and perfect sightseeing right on the river.

The five of us were not very original; there were four orders of halibut, and one order of grilled cheese. The halibut was hit, as was the grilled cheese.
What a great view of the city. Instead of foot traffic, there is all kinds of boat traffic: kayaks, tour boats, leisure boats, you name it!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Football Time!

I am so happy it is football season. Baseball is painfully boring, and I don’t enjoy watching it. My nephews are in baseball, wrestling, and football. Praise baby jeebus baseball is over.

Last weekend, I attended my nephews’ football games. Cooper played on Saturday, and I also got to watch my bro coach.
Cooper Football 2011-2.jpg
Coach Tiger
Cooper came so close to making a touchdown. I’ll be so excited when he makes his first one.
Cooper Football 2011-31.jpg
Cooper #33

On Sunday, I went to Carter’s very first game, and he played center most of the game. At the end of the game, he finally got to run the ball.
Carter Football 2011-29.jpg
Carter Football 2011-142.jpg
run, Carter, run

This is so terrible, but the biggest cheer that came from me was for the other team. The other team had a girl! Her name was Sophia, and she scored their first touchdown. I would have loved to play football when I was little.
Carter Football 2011-42.jpg
the girl scores first!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

birthday weekend

Jodee, Susan and I went to Davanti Enoteca for dinner the Friday before my birthday. We ate upstairs on the patio. It was lovely and delicious, and I got presents! After dinner, we walked across the street for more libations, and the next morning I woke up with a bit of a hangover, and I didn’t even realize I was drunk the night before. I guess that is what happens when you get old.
my arms are so long, I can take my own group pictures
The next day, the three of us travelled to the new casino that opened in the suburbs. Our plan was to have dinner in one of their four restaurants, then hit it big, and walk out millionaires. Well, the first problem was that the restaurants were really tiny. I think we waited two hours to get into the fanciest joint. It was Hugo’s Frog Bar. Oh my, what a comedy of errors. We were so hungry by the time we were seated; we gorged ourselves on bread and soup. Oddly enough, we all ordered salads as our main course. Well, my salad took three times for them to get it right. THREE TIMES! For a salad! Susan didn’t like the peppercorn steak on her salad; it was too peppercorn-y. Jodee and I both felt that our salads didn’t have much taste. And seriously, three tries to get a salad right. Come on!! (I won’t even get into the story about the salad dressing...OY!) We started to get the giggles.

 I thought they might be able to redeem themselves with a good dose of chocolate, so I ordered the chocolate cake. I spotted the server first. She was walking out with the cake, and I kinda yelled, “holy shit!” The entire joint turned to look at us, and there were the three of us with a slice of cake as big as my ass. It was like the opening of the Flintstones when the slab of meat causes Fred’s car to topple over. The cake was that big. We started laughing so hard, we couldn’t control it. The entire dinner was such a comedy of errors. It was so bad that it was fantastic.
tyring to show that it is bigger than my hand

the cake is bigger than a purse!

Needless, I dropped a boatload of money on the stupid slot machines, and did not hit it big. The only thing that was big was that big ass piece of cake.