Thursday, September 1, 2011

birthday weekend

Jodee, Susan and I went to Davanti Enoteca for dinner the Friday before my birthday. We ate upstairs on the patio. It was lovely and delicious, and I got presents! After dinner, we walked across the street for more libations, and the next morning I woke up with a bit of a hangover, and I didn’t even realize I was drunk the night before. I guess that is what happens when you get old.
my arms are so long, I can take my own group pictures
The next day, the three of us travelled to the new casino that opened in the suburbs. Our plan was to have dinner in one of their four restaurants, then hit it big, and walk out millionaires. Well, the first problem was that the restaurants were really tiny. I think we waited two hours to get into the fanciest joint. It was Hugo’s Frog Bar. Oh my, what a comedy of errors. We were so hungry by the time we were seated; we gorged ourselves on bread and soup. Oddly enough, we all ordered salads as our main course. Well, my salad took three times for them to get it right. THREE TIMES! For a salad! Susan didn’t like the peppercorn steak on her salad; it was too peppercorn-y. Jodee and I both felt that our salads didn’t have much taste. And seriously, three tries to get a salad right. Come on!! (I won’t even get into the story about the salad dressing...OY!) We started to get the giggles.

 I thought they might be able to redeem themselves with a good dose of chocolate, so I ordered the chocolate cake. I spotted the server first. She was walking out with the cake, and I kinda yelled, “holy shit!” The entire joint turned to look at us, and there were the three of us with a slice of cake as big as my ass. It was like the opening of the Flintstones when the slab of meat causes Fred’s car to topple over. The cake was that big. We started laughing so hard, we couldn’t control it. The entire dinner was such a comedy of errors. It was so bad that it was fantastic.
tyring to show that it is bigger than my hand

the cake is bigger than a purse!

Needless, I dropped a boatload of money on the stupid slot machines, and did not hit it big. The only thing that was big was that big ass piece of cake.

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