Friday, September 2, 2011

Football Time!

I am so happy it is football season. Baseball is painfully boring, and I don’t enjoy watching it. My nephews are in baseball, wrestling, and football. Praise baby jeebus baseball is over.

Last weekend, I attended my nephews’ football games. Cooper played on Saturday, and I also got to watch my bro coach.
Cooper Football 2011-2.jpg
Coach Tiger
Cooper came so close to making a touchdown. I’ll be so excited when he makes his first one.
Cooper Football 2011-31.jpg
Cooper #33

On Sunday, I went to Carter’s very first game, and he played center most of the game. At the end of the game, he finally got to run the ball.
Carter Football 2011-29.jpg
Carter Football 2011-142.jpg
run, Carter, run

This is so terrible, but the biggest cheer that came from me was for the other team. The other team had a girl! Her name was Sophia, and she scored their first touchdown. I would have loved to play football when I was little.
Carter Football 2011-42.jpg
the girl scores first!

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