Thursday, September 22, 2011

September Girls' Dinner

I chose Piccolo Sogno for our September dinner. It was chosen based on its fabulous outdoor patio. I made the reservation way in advance to ensure our seating on the patio. Unfortunately, there were a bunch of last minute cancellations, and we were seated inside. I’m sure some of the girls were relieved because it was a bit chilly that evening, but the patio was still packed, and I’m sure the heaters made the patio feel downright cozy.

Susan and Aimee
me and Heather
Susan and I ordered the halibut, and it was delicious. Aimee had the Cornish hen, and Heather had the ahi seared tuna.  Here is a photo of my dessert:

Uh huh, it happened again. The pull of chocolate is so strong, and I can’t wait to dig in, that I totally neglect to take a picture of it. As you can see, that shit was A-mazing.

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