Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday, Monday

It’s only 9am, and I feel like I’ve been through the ringer. I woke up a little bit late this morning, so that meant only a 20 minute workout. Well, that’s fine, it’s better than nothing, right? I go to the bathroom, flush, and out comes all kinds of water. I kind of stand there in amazement: Wow, I’ve never seen water this deep outside of the bathtub before. By this time, my feet are wet, and I grab the plunger and get to work. The toilet flushes successfully, but the damage is already done. There’s a lot of water on the bathroom floor. I go to the closet to grab the rags and realize, shit, all that purging of stuff I didn’t need meant I threw away a lot of old towels and rags. Grrrrrr. I do the best with what I can find, and all the while yelling at the dog that now is not the time and place to play tug-o-war with these wet pee-pee towels. I call Ignacio at work and ask him if he took a hell of a dump this morning, and I can almost see him pumping out his chest, “Yes! Yes, I did.” Well, that explains why the toilet didn’t flush.

I just want to shower so I can wash my wet feet and get some shoes on before I clean the rest of the mess. Now I’m thinking I can stop at Target before work because I’m running early, and I’m feeling a little under the weather, and I really need some Emergen-C.

I finish getting ready, throw all the wet towels in the tub (I’ll go down to the laundry room after work to wash them all), I send out Ruby the Roomba to vacuum while I am doing my thing. Yes! The house is shaping up (other than a pile of soaking wet pee pee towels in the bathtub).

I am ready to leave; I just need to make my chai green tea with honey into my travel mug before I go. I really need a big one this morning because of how ‘crappy’ the morning has been. Ahhh shit, there is only ONE of my very favorite K-cups of chai green tea left. Ok well, this one is going to make feel warm and cozy once I get to work.

My purse is ready; I put my travel mug filled with my morning elixir into my ‘other’ bag. (The ‘other’ bag contains a couple of journals, mail to sort through, knitting projects, books, etc. Yes, the thing weighs a ton). I make it to the hallway and am ready to turn the doorknob, and I feel that my foot is wet again. The feeling of wet feet is so familiar from the bathroom incident. I swear my brain is working in slow motion today. I look down, and SON OF A BITCH! My travel mug was turned to “open” and my precious morning elixir has spilled all over my finish knitting projects, my mail, my books, my moleskin journal, my to-do journal, my Christmas gift and New Years resolution journal. Seriously? What does all of this spilt shit mean?

I don’t even have the money to buy a coke from the machine today to make up for my morning elixir. I’ve already stolen $1 out of the F-box for my weekly lottery ticket purchase. (Ignacio and I have started an F-box. We are trying to stop saying the “F” word, and whoever says it has to put a dollar in the F-box).

I’ve made it to work and have no morning elixir and I feel like crap. I wasn’t able to purchase the Emergen-C. I just looked in my drawers and found a bottle of DayQuil. There’s a fourth of a bottle left. Maybe if I take the whole bottle, I can just pass out for awhile and forget this morning ever happened. But then again, it’s freaking DayQuil, not NightQuil.


  1. You know what sucks about living with three boys? Three boys to clog toilets.

    That is a fucklot of journals.

  2. Do we have to stop saying the f word too? That will be quite difficult.

    Laura - 801