Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Is this heaven? No, it's Little Compton

Is this heaven? No, it’s Little Compton

Summer Sisters Soiree 2011-209.jpg
Summer Sisters Soiree 2011-296.jpg

I have just returned from a fabulous weekend getaway with 7 other women. This is where we stayed:
Summer Sisters Soiree 2011-274.jpg

We rented an oceanfront house in Rhode Island, and had the time of our lives. As you can see, the house is A-mazing. There were six fantastic bedrooms, and we estimated about 7,000 square feet of space. Sitting on the deck was one of my favorite things to do. The sound of the ocean is intoxicating.

Summer Sisters Soiree 2011-36.jpg
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Our first night, the eight of us sat around in our pajamas drinking wine and eating. Tracy and I really wanted to play charades, but no one else was really game. We decided to split into two teams, and Tracy and I would do all of the acting, and our respective teams only had to do the guessing. Well, guess what happened? The girls saw how much fun it was, and almost everyone ended up participating.

We also had a little mishap with the fireplace and set the fire alarm off; the owner of the house and to come and rescue us. While he was there, we learned that Richard Gere has stayed in that house. Julie is now able to say that she and Richard Gere have slept in the same bed.

These are the empties from night #1.

We kept a notebook of quotes over the weekend. No, they weren’t inspirational quotes or anything like that. Our notebook was filled with the silly shit that came out of our mouths all weekend long. With a bunch of silly girls, and a lot of wine, I laughed my ass off this weekend.
Summer Sisters Soiree 2011-265.jpg

On Friday, some of us went to the spa, some went to the winery, and some just stayed at home and enjoyed the house. That evening, we had reservations for a fancy restaurant, and Susan gave a beautiful toast that had most of us tearing up.
Summer Sisters Soiree 2011-187.jpg

Saturday, we drove into Newport for sightseeing and a bit of shopping. Saturday night was our night to cook dinner. We were paired up, and each pair was to prepare a course. Poor Aimee got stuck with me for the dessert course. I was great a holding the hair out of her face, but other than that, I was not much help in the kitchen. Actually, I was rocking it in the kitchen. Anytime someone needed something from a high cabinet, I was all over it! They would have been lost in the kitchen without me.

Summer Sisters Soiree 2011-252.jpg

Our table was beautifully decorated with the empty wine bottles from our previous evenings.
Summer Sisters Soiree 2011-323.jpg
Summer Sisters Soiree 2011-348.jpg
Summer Sisters Soiree 2011-360.jpg

After dinner, we went upstairs to the deck and had a champagne toast by the fire.
Summer Sisters Soiree 2011-364.jpg

Sunday morning, a few of the girls had to wake up REALLY early to get to the airport. The rest of us had a leisurely morning, and were very sad to leave our house.

It doesn’t get much better than this. I can definitely say it was a trip of a lifetime.
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