Friday, March 27, 2009



Aimee had her baby shower on January 31.  I really am not a fan of showers of any type.  However, this was my favorite shower to date.  Our favorite chefs Monica (and I forget his name) made yummy food, and I am all about stuffing my face.  That makes me happy.  The drinks were delicious too.  Yummy treats and wonder I had a good time.  Actually, I think I really enjoyed the laid back atmosphere.  The shower was at Aimee’s house, and I could relax on the couch rather than sitting at a table.  

After the food and gifts part were done, we played the ring game.  Heather went around using people’s rings on a chain.  She would hang the ring above the person’s palm and if the ring swung back and forth, that meant a baby boy.  If the ring went in a circular motion, that meant a girl.  I do believe Aimee’s ring said she was having a boy.  I guess Ella didn’t like the ring test.

Monday, March 23, 2009

we got ourselves a new SUMMER SISTER

Ella Genevieve Kish was born Friday, March 20, 2009 at 7:37 p.m. She weighed in at 8lbs 3 oz and is 21.5 inches long.
Welcome Ella, and congratulations Aimee and Scott, she's perfect.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

a 40th birthday celebration that ends at the tattoo parlor

A big group gathered for Jodee's 40th birthday celebration.

I suggested we order 5 orders of guacamole and was laughed at. After we finished 4 bowls, my suggestion didn't seem so silly anymore.
The meal was delicious, the company- delightful. I do believe I saw a lot of plate-lickers. You'll never guess what I had: goat cheese tamales, OH YEAH!

After dinner, we headed down Division Avenue to Moonshine for more libations. I think I had about 15 mojitos. (pronounced MOE-JEE-TOES)

There was some talk of this blog and I think the boys might start a blog of their own: "Bromance".

At Moonshine, there was a great idea thrown out: let's all get tattoos!! Jodee's been wanting one, so what a better 40th birthday gift to herself than to get that Cubbies tattoo that she's always wanted.

So...4 of us traveled across the city to Jade Dragon tattoo parlor to check out the tattoos at around midnight. Ignacio, me, Steve, and Jodee all got "Summer Sisters" emblazoned across our backs. Yes, we're a bit sore, but damn, they are so boss.

It was a fun night with great friends as always, and I feel lucky to be part of such a great group of people. I want to wish Jodee a very happy 40th. It's the new 20, after all. Have an amazing day, year and decade!

Friday, March 20, 2009

the power of kindness

So, I have had a rough patch as of late, and it was mentioned briefly at dinner last night.
It was also mentioned that Susan and her handsome boys would be coming by Navy Pier today. Well, you see those flowers up there? Susan and her boys brought them to my dungeon, errr, I mean office. When I asked what the occasion was, Susan just said, "I hope you have a better day today."

I cry as I write this because 1) I am a sap and 2) I am just so touched.

Merci, Susan.

March's Madcap Dinner

yup, that's Radhika in the middle!

Jodee picked the Between-Boutique Cafe & Lounge at 1324 N. Milwaukee for our March dinner.

Susan, Jodee, Heather, and I thoroughly enjoyed our time there. The tilapia with sweet potato puree was a hit along the wild mushroom flatbread (we ordered 2 of them) (it had goat cheese on it, need I say more?). The mantou burgers were 'meh' it seemed to me. I enjoyed the manchego crepes although there were spicy and required a carafe of water to be delivered to the table. The free bottle of wine went down nicely as did the complementary glasses of sparkling wine at the end of the dinner.

For those of you Top Chef fans, this is Radhika Desai's restaurant. And, oh yeah, we MET HER. And yeah, that is a picture of us with HER. OMG!!!

We had a great time with a lot of laughs. We were all checking our phones for any updates of the Kish baby's arrival, but alas, we are still waiting......

I am a lucky woman to have such juicy women in my life.

February's Fabulous Dinner

February's dinner was at De Cero at 814 W Randolph. Before I can even proceed about who was in attendance, I have to say that the goat cheese tamale made my month. Although I do think that goat cheese is the salve of life. It can fix any ill.
Jodee, Susan, Heather, Aimee, and me were the juicy women who attended this dinner. We have to note that this would be the last dinner for Aimee for a little bit because she is planning on being a mom before March's dinner. (but alas, we are still all on baby wait).
There were some dishes that were great, and there were a couple misses. Susan didn't like her tuna taco (correct me if I am wrong).
As always, a great night with great food, great wine, and great friends.

January's dinner

I am writing this in March, and as I have a poor memory to begin with, forgive me for the lack of depth.
Our dinner was at Cuatro on South Wabash. It was one of the coldest nights of the year, and that kept some people in the warmth of their homes on their bear skin rugs in front of the fireplace (Jodee).
Those of us tough chicks that braved the weather were: Pat, Liz, Steph, Heather, and me. I don't remember exactly what everyone had. I do believe Heather enjoyed her burger, but the other 3 ladies didn't enjoy their big hunks of meat.
As always, it was a wonderful evening with wonderful women.