Sunday, March 22, 2009

a 40th birthday celebration that ends at the tattoo parlor

A big group gathered for Jodee's 40th birthday celebration.

I suggested we order 5 orders of guacamole and was laughed at. After we finished 4 bowls, my suggestion didn't seem so silly anymore.
The meal was delicious, the company- delightful. I do believe I saw a lot of plate-lickers. You'll never guess what I had: goat cheese tamales, OH YEAH!

After dinner, we headed down Division Avenue to Moonshine for more libations. I think I had about 15 mojitos. (pronounced MOE-JEE-TOES)

There was some talk of this blog and I think the boys might start a blog of their own: "Bromance".

At Moonshine, there was a great idea thrown out: let's all get tattoos!! Jodee's been wanting one, so what a better 40th birthday gift to herself than to get that Cubbies tattoo that she's always wanted.

So...4 of us traveled across the city to Jade Dragon tattoo parlor to check out the tattoos at around midnight. Ignacio, me, Steve, and Jodee all got "Summer Sisters" emblazoned across our backs. Yes, we're a bit sore, but damn, they are so boss.

It was a fun night with great friends as always, and I feel lucky to be part of such a great group of people. I want to wish Jodee a very happy 40th. It's the new 20, after all. Have an amazing day, year and decade!

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