Friday, March 27, 2009



Aimee had her baby shower on January 31.  I really am not a fan of showers of any type.  However, this was my favorite shower to date.  Our favorite chefs Monica (and I forget his name) made yummy food, and I am all about stuffing my face.  That makes me happy.  The drinks were delicious too.  Yummy treats and wonder I had a good time.  Actually, I think I really enjoyed the laid back atmosphere.  The shower was at Aimee’s house, and I could relax on the couch rather than sitting at a table.  

After the food and gifts part were done, we played the ring game.  Heather went around using people’s rings on a chain.  She would hang the ring above the person’s palm and if the ring swung back and forth, that meant a baby boy.  If the ring went in a circular motion, that meant a girl.  I do believe Aimee’s ring said she was having a boy.  I guess Ella didn’t like the ring test.

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