Friday, March 20, 2009

February's Fabulous Dinner

February's dinner was at De Cero at 814 W Randolph. Before I can even proceed about who was in attendance, I have to say that the goat cheese tamale made my month. Although I do think that goat cheese is the salve of life. It can fix any ill.
Jodee, Susan, Heather, Aimee, and me were the juicy women who attended this dinner. We have to note that this would be the last dinner for Aimee for a little bit because she is planning on being a mom before March's dinner. (but alas, we are still all on baby wait).
There were some dishes that were great, and there were a couple misses. Susan didn't like her tuna taco (correct me if I am wrong).
As always, a great night with great food, great wine, and great friends.

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  1. Correct on the tuna taco but everything else was very yummy!