Friday, March 20, 2009

March's Madcap Dinner

yup, that's Radhika in the middle!

Jodee picked the Between-Boutique Cafe & Lounge at 1324 N. Milwaukee for our March dinner.

Susan, Jodee, Heather, and I thoroughly enjoyed our time there. The tilapia with sweet potato puree was a hit along the wild mushroom flatbread (we ordered 2 of them) (it had goat cheese on it, need I say more?). The mantou burgers were 'meh' it seemed to me. I enjoyed the manchego crepes although there were spicy and required a carafe of water to be delivered to the table. The free bottle of wine went down nicely as did the complementary glasses of sparkling wine at the end of the dinner.

For those of you Top Chef fans, this is Radhika Desai's restaurant. And, oh yeah, we MET HER. And yeah, that is a picture of us with HER. OMG!!!

We had a great time with a lot of laughs. We were all checking our phones for any updates of the Kish baby's arrival, but alas, we are still waiting......

I am a lucky woman to have such juicy women in my life.


  1. The mushroom flatbread was awesome too!

  2. Love the artsy photo at the top! White wine! Chenin Blanc....

  3. love the black and white photo with the coloring in the scarf - that is so amazing!