Wednesday, August 31, 2011

july girls' dinner

Ummm…helllooo? As I am getting ready to write about August girls’ dinner, I realized I never wrote about July’s dinner. Seriously, wtf? What is my problem? No clue. I can’t even think of one excuse.

For July’s dinner, we headed to the Logan Square neighborhood to Dunlay’s on the Square. Our goal is dine outdoors for as many months as possible. So, Susan chose this restaurant for their outdoor space. It just so happens that on the particular day, it was hot as hell (literally, the devil met me at the door), so we had to eat inside and it was still that hot inside.
Cooper Carter July 2011-187.jpg
Cooper Carter July 2011-186.jpg
There were only four of us in attendance, and one of our diners was my cousin, Melissa visiting town from the Dominican Republic. Because I am so damn late with the post, I have no freaking clue what we ate. The only thing I can recall is that Melissa was in heaven with the beet salad.
july's food
I think I need to give Dunlay’s another chance because the weather really had an effect on the evening.

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  1. We eat breakfast at Dunlay's all the time because we pick up veggies at the farmers market every Sunday. We love it, and the outdoor space is really nice. Do give it another chance.

    Laura from 801