Friday, May 22, 2009

May's Mah-velous Dinner

May's dinner was one of the longest I can remember. The food was de-lish! Believe it or not folks, I was so full from my delicious dinner, that I didn't have room for chocolate at the end. I know, right?! Crazy!

The dinner was at THINK at 2235 N. Western. .

There were 10 of us at dinner. TEN! In that 10, there were 2 Natalies and 2 Jodees (Jodi). What are the odds of having two of those names? 10,003 to 1.


We had 2 special guests: Natalie and Michele. They are relations of Julie's. And yes, Julie was there, as was Nancy and Beth. It was a special night indeed. Aimee made it to her first dinner since becoming a mother, and Jodi is a new member of our club. So, a lot of "Welcome Back!"s and "Welcome!"s.

Did y'all see the shoulders on Michele? I need to know her body secret.....STAT!

It was nice to have Aimee back. As soon as that bill came, she snapped her fingers, and said, "I'm back bitches, give the bill here." (Aimee is our bill calculation lady). She only missed two dinner clubs. One because she was in labor and one because she was a tired new mom. What a wimp!!

I don't know how long it has been since Julie, Nancy, and Beth have been to a dinner, but it was great to have them back.

My favorite story of the night: that morning Sam and Beth were taking the boys to school and in the process of trying to get them out of the car and into school, they dropped their keys. They didn't lock them in the car, or lose them in a car crevice. Nope, no siree bob. Those damn keys fell down the sewer! WWYD? So, what would you do at this point? Go home, and hope to find the duplicate set? Sit down and panic? Well, this couple did neither of those things. Sam marched into that school and asked for magnets and string. He went MacGyver on our asses. And, we all know that MacGyver always succeeds, and the bomb never goes off before he has escaped from the building. Sam retrieved those keys from the sewer!

I was a little angry at the beginning of dinner. Not only did the 'other' Natalie have my name, but she was taller than me! I am so sure. My whole life I've wanted to be six feet tall. I've even done the Bobby Brady thing and hung from the swing set to stretch myself in the hopes of becoming 6'. Well, in walks beautiful Natalie, and I was all like, "oh no, this beyotch is not taller than me." So, I says, "Well, howdy Natalie, welcome to our lovely dinner club, and how tall are you?" And she says, "I am 6'". And I was all like, "wow, lucky you." (really, I was like, "this tall bitch is taller than me!")

Everyone was jealous of Susan's upcoming cruise with the Oprah group. I was envious of her kick-ass wallet-phone holder thing-a-ma-job. I think that is the technical name.

Nancy is busy preparing her home for the twins birthday party and Bob the balloon guy. Did you guys know that Nancy had a trampoline? I think I might make her house my summer home.

Jodee brought some wine from her Napa Valley trip (or was it Sonoma? shit, same difference to me, you can get drunk on good wine at either place). She also brought some yummy Champagne.

As I said, the food was really good. I think everyone loved what they ordered. I don't know why I am the one writing this blog. Last night, I am listening to Julie talk about food, and half the stuff I didn't even know what it was! I am so not a foodie. If there is goat cheese and chocolate on the menu, then it is gourmet to me.

I was a bit rude and ran out at 10:00. You see, I am a new mom, and I had to get home to Camel, my new Yorkie rescue. Alas, it didn't help. She peed on the rug anyway. Plus, it was past this wimp's 9:00 bedtime.

It was a great night with wonderful, beautiful, juicy women. Old friends reunited, and new friends made. It doesn't get any better than that.

Also, just wanted to remind everyone that the best show EVER on TV began last night:
SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. It is on Thursday evenings on FOX. Just check it out. It will move you (after they get past the bad dancers in the audition phase).

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  1. Nat....great recap and I'm so JEALOUS of Michele's arms and shoulders! WOW! If only I could quit my job and work out all day, maybe then mine would look even 1/2 that way hers does. Getting ready to watch SYTYCD!!