Monday, July 27, 2009

Succulent Friday

This past Friday was a very succulent one.

We got off to a rough start. I met Susan, Aimee, Ella G*, Roman, and Crispin at their car. Aimee started getting the stroller loaded and realized that she forgot Ella G's diaper bag which meant no diapers, no pj's, no bottle, etc. So Aimee said she needed to go back home to get the bag. I suggested she just go to Target. She went to Target, and the evening was saved. I was just thankful that Aimee remembered the pizza and wine and only forgot the diaper bag.

Crispin and Roman had on these really cool t-shirts. (of course they were cool, I made them). Ella was wearing a cute dress and I wish they had it in my size!

Aimee brought this kick-ass pizza from Costco. Day-amm, that thing was good. Susan made some really yummy guacamole, and Jodee made pesto and brought wine and Champagne. I contributed Garrett's popcorn and sweet potato chips. It was a very delicious smorgasbord.

I was very amused when I glanced at the table to find a diaper sitting on a plate. Has succulent summer sister Fridays resorted to this? Yes! And isn't it wonderful? Good food, good drink, good gossip, and no cares.

You know what the best thing is about these Fridays? The leftovers. I feel like Homer Simpson. "Yum...peeeesssssttttooo." Guacamole coma. Ignacio got a hold of the last piece of pizza. Shit.

The next Succulent Summer Sisters Friday night will not be until August 14. I am hoping that we will have a very special guest.

*Ella G is her celebrity name

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