Thursday, December 1, 2011

Who Me?

I walked in the door from the gym this morning and my dog, Camel, came to greet me like normal, but there was something really big in her mouth.

When I go to the gym, I don’t wear my contacts, so I could not make out what Camel had in her mouth.  So, I went in for a closer look, and she had a big ass piece of bread in her mouth!

Here is what I think went down: Piccolo (one of the cats) jumped on the counter in an attempt to make her and Sweetness (the other cat) a picnic lunch.  In Piccolo’s frustration at her inability to get the twist-tie off of the bread, she knocked the entire package to the floor so that Camel would do the grunt work (and take the blame should they get caught in the act).  Camel obliged and went at that twist-tie and package. 
By the time I arrived, the bread bag had a nice hole in it, and I did find the twist-tie in the carpet.  Piccolo must have taken off when she heard my key in the door, and poor Camel just got caught in the act.
Who me?

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