Saturday, June 19, 2010

Monthly Dinner Club: Rustico

Susan chose Rustico for June's monthly dinner club.  I brought an old friend along with me.  Linda was in town for the weekend, and so she joined us for dinner.  I probably met Linda in 1993 or '94 when we were in sign language interpreter training program together.  We had a blast while we were in the program.  We worked our asses off, but had a lot of fun doing it.  Linda has gone on to do great things within the profession.
There were five of us for dinner, and it was a great group.  I really enjoy our monthly dinners.  I was thinking about it recently, and how much I look forward to our third Thursday of the month get-togethers.  We meet every month, but it seems like the wait for the third Thursday is very long.  I especially love this picture because Jodi seems so happy with that glass of wine in her hand.

Aimee and I had the lentil cakes, Susan had vegetarian enchiladas (she has given up meat for one year), Linda had chicken tacos, and I think Jodee had steak.  The food was really good as was proven by the display of empty plates.  The service wasn't so hot.  Our server seemed nervous and/or new and after waiting 45 minutes to place our order, we finally flagged down the manager lady, and she was very helpful.

These tamales were one of our appetizers, and they were really good.  We ordered two plates of them, and we went around cutting our halves and being polite and sharing (not something I am good at).  After a while, only one piece of tamale was left, and it's kind of one of those things where no one wants to look like a pig and take the last one.  Well, hell if I was going to let that sucker go to waste, I ate it right up.  
Another third Thursday has come and gone, and now I can only look forward to July's dinner.  Some of us are a bit nervous because last year, July's dinner club didn't happen.  It was the first time in ten years we didn't meet.  You see, it was Beth's pick for July, and she completely forgot about it.  So, this year, the pressure is on for Beth and I'm sure she come through with flying colors. (she'd better come through cuz there is nothing worse than a hungry Natalie)


  1. I loved those tamales - I want more of those!

  2. Sorry I missed this month -- it looks like you all had a fab time! Company and food!

  3. Also so weird, there is an ad from Viking Cruise's on your blog...I guess a reminder to me that I need to go back to Europe!