Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm a Gleek, but he's the one who cries

Ignacio and I don't agree on our television viewing.  I am a sucker for the reality shows, and I DVR (record) them, so I can indulge in my guilty pleasures when Ignacio isn't home.  Sometimes, well okay, at least once a week, the DVR is taping two of my reality shows at once, and that is the limit for our DVR, so then we are unable to watch anything else.  Ignacio just finds it a waste of time to watch those kinds of shows.  Yeah, he's probably right, but I love 'em anyway.  Of course, he thinks the Western channel is a gift from the John Wayne God.

It's really quite amazing.  Every time a western comes on, Ignacio exclaims, "I've never seen this one."  Umm...well, if I've seen it three times with you, I know you are fibbing, buddy.

Anyway, I love the TV show "GLEE". It's funny, entertaining, heartwarming, and day-amm, those kids can sing and dance. A few weeks ago, GLEE came on, and I begged Ignacio to sit and watch it with me. At the end of the show, I turned around to get his approval of the show, and there he was wiping away his tears. TEARS. Mr. “I only watch cowboy and army movies” was crying from GLEE.
Every week since then has been pretty much the same. I turn around to look at him, and he is wiping away tears. What a GLEEK.

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