Tuesday, July 6, 2010

lesson learned/embarrassing moment #1,589

We have a cleaning lady come to our condo/apartment every three weeks. She is Polish and horrified, that I (being Polish myself) am such a slob. The first time she came over, she couldn’t believe I was Polish and that my home was in the state it was. I try to be better, believe me, I do. Every day, is a constant struggle to be neater, more organized.

Ignacio leaves for work at 5:30am, and normally, I leave for the gym around the same time. Today, I was beat, dead tired, and I stayed in bed until around 7am. I got up and went to the “reading throne” and sat there wearing only a t-shirt (which looking back, I was lucky to be wearing at least a t-shirt).

When you walk into our condo, an immediate left turn will take you into the only bathroom we have. I rarely close the bathroom door, especially if I am alone, I usually don’t. So, this morning as I was reading on my special throne with the door open, I heard the key in the door, and then the door opened. I just assumed it was Ignacio coming home for his keys, wallet, or cell phone because he is really skilled at forgetting at least one of those things every other day.

Well, imagine my surprise when it wasn’t Ignacio at all. It took me a second to make out the figure of the woman now in my home as I didn’t have my glasses on. All of these things came flooding to me at once, but somehow on a delay:

*I am half naked

*I am going to the bathroom (#2) with the door open

*I am reading Rolling Stone magazine and I still don’t know how I got the subscription, but hey, it’s cool

*holy shit, it’s the cleaning lady

With the smoothness and quick thinking skills that I am known for (NOT), I say, “OH!! Christina!!”

And that, my friends, is the lesson I learned today. Don’t go the bathroom half naked with the door open when your front door is 4 feet away.

I may have learned that lesson today, but ask me in a week if I went the bathroom with the door closed today.


  1. You are absolutley hysterical.

  2. Actually don't you have 2.5 weeks to poop with the door open before you have to shut it again??

  3. That is funny! When Christina comes I always set my alarm for 6am so I am ready.....I'm sure your not the first caught in a moment when she has arrived - she comes way too early!

  4. Hi, thanks for entering the Peace Rock contest!! Good luck, you might win!! ☮ Sasa

  5. Did you go to the bathroom with the door closed today?

    (BTW, I NEVER close the door to the bathroom if I'm alone. I'm a big proponent of efficiency, after all. Then again, I've never had anyone walk in on me.)

  6. Not embarrassing but today I woke up extra early because I thought it was Christine's day to come - I showered, stripped all the beds and rugs etc to only realize she doesn't come till next Friday and I will have to do it all over again....ugh! As Noel calls it the cleaning before the cleaning lady comes.

  7. OMG....that is so embarrassing...I also close my door when I shower when Iknow Christina is coming...she pops in and you never know what time! I guess you too are bonded now!

  8. And laughing super hard at Susan's comment right above having the wrong day...that is classic!