Friday, November 19, 2010

PERFECT family photos--

This picture has always been my favorite family portrait.  It says everything you need to say about my family.  It is in a word:  perfect.  I can't remember why we did this photobooth photo shoot.  I think it may have been for our IDs at Dolton pool.
First, you have my brother, Tiger, shirtless and goofy.
Next, you have my mother beautiful and bodacious.
Then there is my father, 6'4" and unable to be fully seen.  The quiet giant.
Finally, there's me, giraffe neck and curls.

Every single time I see that picture, I laugh and think how that is the best family portrait my family could have ever taken.  It is so honest.

Now, for more 'honest' family photos:
Tell me if see you a theme in all of these next photos....
Tiger being goosed
Cousin Ron being goosed
my dad in the act of goosing Ron

In each photo, you will notice that whomever is standing next to my dad has a wide open mouth.  That is because for mostly every photo ever taken, my father would goose whomever was the lucky dope to stand next to him.
Yeah, our family pictures really do tell an accurate story.


  1. Dad might be goosing cousin Ron -- but what is that lady in white grabbing??? I'm just sayin'!!! I love the photo-booth shots... Love, Steve

  2. Seriously, I think the lady in white is doing the goosing, not your dad!

  3. that really is a truly amazing family portrait in the photobooth!