Monday, February 21, 2011

february girls dinner: sawtooth

Six of us headed to Randolph's street restaurant row to eat at Sawtooth for our February dinner.  Sawtooth is a Vietnamese restaurant, which was a first for me.  As appetizers, we ordered spring rolls, calamari, and eggplant.
The eggplant was delicious.  It just melted in your mouth.  I have never tasted eggplant like that before.
For our main course, five of us chose the seafood clay pot rice (I had it without the seafood), and Susan chose the shaking beef.
The seafood clay pot rice without the seafood was basically just rice and vegetables which I was afraid might be boring and bland, but it was very tasty, even without the seafood.  The gave us chopsticks as utensils and also one of those big ceramic spoons.  I was not about to let any of my rice go to waste, and my chopsticks were inhibiting my ability to get every last grain, so I picked up the rather large ceramic spoon and went to town on the remnants of my clay pot.  Delicious.
As I was telling Ignacio when I arrived home that evening, I sure am glad us gals go out to dinner every month, otherwise I wouldn't have a clue about the great restaurants Chicago has to offer.  As it is, I'm only aware of a tiny fraction, but maybe by the time I'm 80, I might make a dent in Chicago's restaurant scene.

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