Wednesday, February 23, 2011

second annual road trip

The last weekend of January was our second annual road trip to Indy to visit our friend, Tracy.  Last year's road trip was chronicled here.  Tracy lives in Indianapolis, Julie lives in Kentucky, and Susan, Nancy, and I are in Chicago.  The five of us met at Tracy's around 1:00pm, and we were drinking wine by 1:03pm.
One of the many tidbits I learned about my friends is that Nancy is a singer.  Who knew?? Not me.  Here is Nancy giving a wonderful rendition of the "Star Spangled Banner" (I only had to ask twice before she burst forth in song).
I think our dinner reservations were for 7:30 or something like that, so we had quite a while to drink wine.  So drink we did!  We drank and chatted for a few hours, then it was time to get ready for dinner, and then the required group shots.  I put the remote on my camera, and we had a mini photo shoot of ourselves.  I had to laugh when I saw the pictures, because like I said, I had a remote, so all the five of had to do was sit there, and move a bit, and make sure we were "smiling with our eyes", but so many of the pictures feature a blurry Nancy who must have thought that Tyra Banks was right there in the room taking her picture.
Nancy Julie Susan me Tracy
I think our pre-dinner wine guzzling may have gotten the best of us.  Our dinner was relatively quiet and tame.  Well, tame except for the orders of shrimp cocktail that contained a heavy dose of horse radish that had Nancy sounding like Meg Ryan in the diner scene of When Harry Met Sally and had Susan claiming that her eyebrows were tingling.
I think that next year we may have to consider staying in for dinner, that way we don't have to halt our wine consumption, and can continue our silly streak for the entire evening.

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