Tuesday, March 1, 2011

new beginnings

It’s March 1. I love the first day of the month; it’s a chance to start new. It’s like a mini new year 12 times a year (with new freaking resolutions 12 times a year). I love flipping my calendars at home and work and getting to look at a new picture.

The very first thing I do on the first of the month, is check out my new monthly horoscope on Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone. I read it and get excited about all the great things that are coming my way. Normally, around mid-month, I get disgusted that all the great things never happened, but the beginning of the month delivers such optimism.

The start of the month is a chance for me to wipe the slate clean and make new goals for myself.

Helloooo March.


Last year, I purchased an orchid. I know next to nothing about plants and flowers. After the orchid was done flowering, I was pretty close to throwing the thing away. I called my mom and asked her if the orchid was a one-hit wonder, or if I should keep her around. She told me to keep it. Boy, am I glad I did, that orchid is back better than ever. See:



  1. Beautiful picture of the orchid! I'm such a brown thumb. I kill every plant that comes my way. And the ones I don't kill, my cats eat and then throw up. So...it's a lose/lose.

  2. Gorgeous photo woman!!!
    I love March 1 because it's my birthday month. And Jon's birthday month. And the weather is always amazing in NC (83 yesterday).

  3. Charlene KurczewskiMarch 1, 2011 at 10:25 AM

    Beautiful is the Flower that grows and laughs in downtown Chicago. Charlo Kurcz from PA