Wednesday, March 2, 2011

passions on my shoulder

Yesterday as I was coming in from work, I met up with Ignacio in the lobby of our building. He was laughing at me because of all the crap I lug to work everyday. I bring at least two bags of ‘things’ to work. These ‘things’ are whatever my current passions happen to be. We joked that I wear my passions on my shoulder instead of my heart on my sleeve.

 I’m a freak. I know some of you may be saying, “You’re just learning that now?” It’s true, I’m a weirdo. I get totally obsessed with whatever is my ‘passion’ of the moment. I spend all kinds of time and money on my passions du jour.

Past passions include:
  • ~dance class
  • ~sign language/interpreting studies
  • ~psychic/healing classes
  • ~court reporting school
  • ~knitting
  • ~anything related to France/French
  • ~necklace making

 Many of those, I still dabble in here and there, but my current passion du jour is photography. Photography may rate up there with one of my highest costing passions. It figures.

In an effort to improve my photography skills, I asked my friend Aimee if I could take photos of her new baby. She obliged me, and here are a couple of my favorites of baby Hanna from our shoot.


 hanna feet
hanna tutu
hanna sleeps


 I had grand visions of professional quality pictures and poses, but you know how it goes, “the best laid plans…..”



  1. I think the photos are great! Why do you doubt???

  2. I think I like this passion of yours. Especially since I'll be able to be the subject of it at some point. Not ON pointe but AT some point. ...although...

  3. Ditto Laura's comment! These are *so* sweet. The top one?! Ohmygosh!

    I think you're a lot like me, Nat, and you allow yourself no learning curve. You expect to be expert and professional at the outset of everything.

    Which is what makes us weirdoes. Why should others be allowed learning curves but not us?

    Be kind to yourself, my dear. You're supremely talented. Give yourself a chance to nurture those things that you love.