Monday, July 18, 2011

The Goodman was good, man!

Ignacio and I recently went to see Chinglish at the Goodman Theater.  It was the best theater production I have ever seen.  I really wish I was prolific with words and could explain my delight at this play.  As always, the set amazed me.  The stage was almost divided into two cogs of a wheel that moved together to show different scenes.  It was freaking awesome, man! (See, maybe I am prolific with words).  The play itself was written and performed geniusly (my spell check is telling me genius-ly is not a word, so okay, maybe I'm not prolific, whatever).  [Maybe the word flawlessly will get by spellcheck...AHA!]  So, the play was written and performed flawlessly.

The play takes place in China and is basically about an American businessman doing business with the Chinese and all of the misunderstandings that take place.  It was quick, and funny, and witty, and charming...[here I go being prolific again...go me!]  It was just brilliant.  The actors, the set, the writer, the director, all of it was brilliant.

Then the next day, my cat decided to perform her rendition of The Wizard of Oz.  Here she is screaming, "The house fell on me, I'll get you, my pretties....."

The dog had on ruby red slippers, but I couldn't get a picture.

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