Thursday, July 21, 2011


So, I think I've mentioned before that I am kinda slow at making new friends.  Recently, Ignacio and I started going to dinner with some neighbors in our building.  Go me!  [Let me just say that I've lived in this building for just about 13 years, and just now started going out to dinner with I said, I am SLOW].

Steve and Laura live on the floor above us and we take care of each others cats from time to time.  Ruth lives a few floors below us and will take care of the dog from time to time.  It's great to have neighbors that will do something like that for you.

Recently, the five of us travelled all the way to Bridgeport to eat at Nana.  Nana is an organic joint with delicious food.  (Because I've been terrible at updated this blog, I don't remember what everyone ordered, but I do have pictures!)  I can tell you that to drink Ruth and I had the Bridgeport Spiked Lemonade, and that stuff was de-lish!  Ruth and I wrote down all of the ingredients in hopes to recreate it on our own.  I haven't tried yet; I'll have to ask Ruth if she has.
The food definitely had a kick to it.  I do know I had grits for the first time, and they were very good.
My creation
We dined outdoors and Laura noticed that all around us in the flower boxes were different herbs.  (please pronounce the 'H', it makes me giggle.
It was a fabulous evening with NEIGHBORS!!  And after my slow start, I know that there will be many more fabulous evenings to come.
Ruth and Ignacio
Laura and Steve
Ruth and Laura


  1. Your neighbors TOTALLY ROCK!!!

    (but I'm a little biased...) xox, Steve

  2. that was one fab dinner (a little late on the draw here...). gotta do that again soon!