Friday, February 17, 2012

I took a little bite.

Listen to this. 

My cousin treated me to a trip to NYC. She TREATED me to a trip to NYC.  I’ve never been to NYC, and Melissa made it happen for me!  I was able to take a little bite out of the Big Apple.
NYC February 2012-120.jpg 
It was a wonderfully fantabulous weekend.  I arrived Friday morning and met Melissa and Andrea at the hotel, and then we hit the ground running.  We hit 5th Avenue (or do you say: Fifth Avenue?), Central Park, MoMA’s café, Grand Central Station, and Greenwich Village
NYC February 2012-29.jpg
 NYC February 2012-38-2.jpg
NYC February 2012-54-2.jpg

Andrea and I ventured to Grand Central Station and fell in love.  There was a certain calm and peacefulness to it.  My friend, Beth, told us about a new bar inside of Grand Central called the Campbell Apartment.  It was AMAZING.  It is very small, and so very cool.  We sipped on our yummy cocktails and snacked on some delicious cheeses.  Heaven, I tell ya.  Seriously, any day that contains laughter, cocktails, and cheese, is going down in the books.
NYC February 2012-76-2.jpg
 NYC February 2012-84-2.jpg
NYC February 2012-70.jpg
After filling up on cheese, we picked Melissa up at the hotel, and took the subway to Greenwich Village (where I asked to see the pope), for a fabulous dinner.  Beth was right on with another recommendation.  We went to Bianca and it was cheap and tasty as hell.  We had a bit of a wait, but the bar next door is very accommodating. 
 NYC February 2012-91-2.jpg
After dinner, we stopped in Times Square where my cousin and I had a pose off.  It was hysterical, she would take pictures of me, and then I take would pictures of her, and we’d be doing to same poses.
 NYC February 2012-101-2.jpg
NYC February 2012-121.jpg
NYC February 2012-123.jpg

Saturday was a walking marathon.  We took the subway to SoHo, walked around NYU, to Little Italy, through Chinatown, and then we walked half of the Brooklyn Bridge.  And we got our Mary Tyler Moore on on the bridge.  Awesome, right??  After that, we went to a decadent dinner in the Meatpacking District to a beautiful restaurant called Spice Market.  Every single item we ordered was fantabulous.  That includes the pitcher and a half of ginger margaritas.  Oh, I would love to have my girls’ dinner club there.  YUMMY!
NYC February 2012-136.jpg
NYC February 2012-143.jpg
NYC February 2012-138-2.jpg
NYC February 2012-152-2.jpg
NYC February 2012-159-2.jpg
NYC February 2012-180-2.jpg
NYC February 2012-223-2.jpg
NYC February 2012-215.jpg
NYC February 2012-205-2.jpg

After dinner we went to see a Broadway show.  We saw Memphis, and again, it was awesome.  The singing and dancing…..well, I guess that why it’s Broadway.  There were some talented people on that stage.

On Sunday, we walked around a bit, but the weather was much colder, and our legs were a bit tired from WALKING TO BROOKLYN the day before.  All we managed to do was belly up to the bar at a nearby Irish pub, drink some cocktails and eat some grub before it was time to take a cab back to the airport. 

The trip was fast and furious, and deliriously fun.  I am so happy that I am getting to know my cousin all over again.  She’s patient and kind and generous.  BUT, she has the Mikolajczak sense of humor.  Now, I, for one, LOVE the Mikolajczak sense of humor, but you’d better have tough skin.  Being with Melissa is like being with her dad and my dad.  She reminds me so much of them.  I love it. I love her.  And Andrea is the ridiculously happy Costa Rican.  She is so sweet and kind, and she is always happy.  I had the time of my life in NYC and also took away some life lessons from these amazing women. 
NYC February 2012-241-2.jpg
Thank you, Missy.  From the bottom of this cold, hard Mikolajczak heart, I thank you.  And as my brother, Tiger, says, “Mikolajczaks 4Life”


  1. Oh, so glad you had such a good time! It's an awesome city. I fall in love with it every time I go.

  2. Wow you guys look as you were having a Blast. Me time is coming hoping to have a Ball Until I Fall!!!