Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Succulent Fridays

This past Friday was our first Succulent Friday. Aimee and Ella came over and let me tell you, Ella had on the perfect outfit to be succulent. She did however, keep lifting up her dress all evening. I thought maybe she was practicing to take her bow after a dance performance. She would lift both sides of her skirt so that she may curtsy to her adoring fans.
Camel was very curious about Ella. I think she wanted to cuddle with Ella, either that, or steal all of her toys.
Aimee and I drank a bottle of wine, ate a lot of snacks, and talked about everyone that wasn't there. (see, you can't miss a Friday) JK!!
Aimee brought me some Maggiano leftovers, and day-amm, they were good.
I think Aimee and I could have drank another bottle, but Ella was too tired to drive her mom home.
The next Succulent Friday should be July 10. Hope to see you all there.


  1. I have a weird look on my face, what was I doing?

  2. What I notice is how Ella is 'eyeing' that glass of wine...i wonder who just learned that skill from....Hmmm!