Friday, June 19, 2009

Ahhhhhh.... Al Fresco (who the hell is Al?)

Susan picked Cafe Bolero at 2252 N. Western for June's dinner, and we were able to dine outdoors for the first time in what seems like years! Really, is there anything better in Chicago than when the weather cooperates and allows you to eat outside for the first time that year?

Speaking of Susan, she leaves Saturday for her Mediterrean cruise. Bon Voyage Susan. Have a very juicy trip. I'll be thinking of you...lots.

We welcomed back Diane to dinner after a very long hiatus. Good to see you!

The Sangria and MOE JEE TOES were flowing. Weeeeeee.

Nancy made it to another dinner! As did Jodi. For a long time, our dinners were so small, now all of a sudden, they have sprouted. We have a new found energy.

Speaking of energy, yesterday was so weird for me. I have been on a low 'vibration' lately, but as soon as I got out of my car and saw all the girls, it was like I got a shot of adrenaline. It was wild! I felt intoxicated (in a good way) without a sip of a MOE JEE TOE (yet).

I thought Aimee looked like one hot mama last night. Motherhood has done her good.

Susan and Liz celebrated birthdays within days of each other this month. Liz celebrated the big one. 3-0! (not really, but that is what she looks like).

My meal was de-LISH. I loved it. I think I was finished before anyone, but that ain't nothin' new, now is it? Heather ate her shrimp and wanted more. I believe she had the last piece of bread and butter. The butter was so tasty that I was ready to fight her for it.

Jodee, Nancy, and I had to sit together to discuss our reality shows. And ladies, do yourselves a favor and watch So You Think You Can Dance. (I will shamelessly plug that show until you guys want to beat me with it). It never fails to 'move' me.

This is from last season.

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