Monday, August 24, 2009


In an effort to diversify our food choices, I chose a French restaurant for our August dinner. In all our years as a dinner club, we are fairly certain that we have not dined at a French restaurant. Tres sad! La Sardine is located at 111 N. Carpenter, walking distance from Jodee's home. If I lived there, I would have french onion soup quite often.

I am still kicking myself for not ordering the french onion soup. I ordered the goat cheese salad instead. And while I could bathe in goat cheese, I could also spa in french onion soup. The soup was a popular choice, and all who ordered it were very pleased.

There were six of us for this dinner: me, Aimee, Jodee, Heather, Liz, and Diane. Most people ordered the steak. The complaint about the steak was: too much butter. I really don't think I could ever complain about too much butter. :)

Heather ordered the creme brulee. I have never tried it. I have always been afraid too. You see, I have this aversion to things like: pudding, jello, flan, etc. So, if it can wiggle, I'm not too keen about it. Heather enjoyed it though.
For a French restaurant, the prices were quite reasonable. I am sure I will be going back for the $7 bowl of onion soup. Hmmm, how many times can I mention onion soup in one entry?
I can't wait to see what kind of restaurant Stephanie picks for September. Will they have french onion soup? (I just had to get it in there one more time)

Avoir mes amies

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