Sunday, August 16, 2009


What Would Jodee Do?  I have no idea why, but that is what was in my head in the shower Saturday morning after a long Succulent Summer Sisters' Friday.  

Friday started early with Heather, Trey, and Liz coming by.  
Trey was an excellent addition to the summer sisters.  We ate and gabbed and had a nice time.  Unfortunately, the 3 of them had to leave early.  Right as they were leaving, Aimee and Susan arrived.  They arrived via blue line with a big cooler and Costco pizza in hand.  The passengers on the "L" were really hoping that Aimee and Susan would share their bounty, but luckily they kept it all for us.  
Jodee arrived a little while later, and the wine drinking commenced.

I do have to pause here and tell everyone that Aimee broke one of the sacred Summer Friday night rules.  As I was walking Liz out, I let Aimee and Susan know that the door was open and to make themselves comfortable.  Do y'all remember one of the Summer Sisters Friday night rules said:  walk to the terrace with your eyes closed and ignore my messy home.  Well, Aimee needed a plate and looked in the cabinets for a plate.  Lo and behold, Aimee found the 'hidden' mess.  OY.  Now she wants to come over and organize my cupboards.  Oh Aimee, Aimee, Aimee, you were supposed to ignore the mess.

Camel was in her party dress for the evening. 

 Aimee was really hoping that she had to use the bathroom so that she could use the Poo Log (a very special birthday gift from Don).

Tracy finally arrived from Indy after bad traffic and some confusion arriving in my 'hood. It was so great to see her again. She always cracks me up.
I received some great birthday gifts: a peace t-shirt, roses, an orange phonebook, a phone wallet thingy (I think that is how they advertise it), and a cool wallet/pouch. How lucky I am to have such caring, generous, beautiful women in my life.

I am upset with myself. I did not count how many bottles of wine we drank. Normally, that is not so important, but I will explain later why it's important this night.

Susan asked if I had any red pepper for the pizza. Here is the red pepper I have. There is so much of it, it needs its own chair.
Do y'all remember the blog entry I just wrote about hating flip flops? Well look at this solidarity and support for my cause that these summer sisters showed up with.  Can you tell which shoe/foot is mine?

Ignacio was able to join us for an hour or so, and Jodee and Ignacio love to discuss politics and started right in.

I guess we had a really good time and here is the part where I'm sorry I didn't count all the wine bottles. I think the Summer Friday concluded at 12:30 or so. Jodee had to leave her car and come back for it the next day because it wouldn't have been a good idea for her to drive home.
And poor, dear Aimee.   Aimee, Aimee, Aimee. She was umm, how shall I say it? Incapacitated all Saturday morning. Good thing Tracy was spending the weekend at Aimee's house. Scottie Too Hottie was out of town, and poor Ella need someone to take care of her. Aimee was having a little gathering at 2pm on Saturday, and I am aware that at 1pm, she was still sleeping. I don't know how Saturday went, but I sure hope Aimee was feeling better. CHEERS!

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