Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fireflies in October

For October's dinner, it was Pat's pick, but alas Pat couldn't make it, so Stephanie stood up to the plate and picked Firefly at 3335 N. Halsted. The reservation was for seven of us, but then I got a call from Stephanie saying she couldn't make it, and she was really bummed. Then, came the mommy e-mails from Susan and Aimee saying that their baby daddys were not home from work yet, and they couldn't make it either. Then, there were 4.
Jodee Sue and Heather.

Me and Beth.

Jodee and I arrived first, albeit late. At first, they wouldn't seat us until our entire party was there, and Miss Jodee Sue was one hungry beyotch, and ready to leave, but we couldn't because we were waiting for Heather and Beth. (traffic was really bad due to a rainy fall day).
Luckily, they let us sit down before we all got there, or Jodee was going to hit someone. (not really, but for the sake of drama, just go with it).
We ordered wine and appetizers. The wine was WAY good. We had grilled cheese and baked brie for our appetizers. We should really get t-shirts that say: GOT CHEESE?
After gobbling up the cheese and the first bottle of wine (first? YES! we had two bottles!) our dinner came:

Here's where things start to get fuzzy, but I do remember: two bottles of wine, a tilipa dish that was de-lish, and then laughing so incredibly hard, I was in need of my inhaler. But, I only remember one story that made me laugh so hard. I swear, every time that Beth comes to dinner, there is always a great story. And the thing is, is that Beth is so low key about her stories, that it makes it even funnier.
So, a few years ago, Beth asked her African-American co-worker where she got her hair done. The co-worker told Beth, and Beth went to the African-American salon. The hairdresser did his thing (I think it was a man), and when the chair was turned around for the great unveiling of the new hairdo....Beth saw her hair, thought she looked like Carole Brady, and proceeded to tell the man that her hair looked like a mushroom with a stem, and could he please get rid of the stem. So, the stem came off, and Beth went home with just the mushroom part.
Funny enough story, right? Well, here is the part that made Heather pee her pants just a little bit:
Beth went back to the salon for a subsequent visit!

We even had dessert. We split a chocolate thingy and a plate of beignets. Holy cow, those beignets were so tasty.
As I mentioned, I was a little spacey after two bottles of wine, but I do believe that every appetizer, dinner, and dessert plate was just about licked clean (as well as our wine glasses). The food was really good, and I recommend a visit (just make sure your entire party is there so you can be seated right away).
Girls, if I left anything out, please add a comment!


  1. A few funny stories that Natalie left out are....
    1. The bus boy did NOT like us girls. He literally threw the napkins and silverware at us and when either Jodie or Natalie asked if he knew about the wine he said 'NO' and stomped off. We were cracking up! Then when I wouldn't let him take the appetizer away yet (it was still half there) he rolled his eyes and made a face! Now I personally love 'the gays' but this fella I did not.... I was ready to trip him...
    2. Some man was in the woman's bathroom for a LONGGGG time... so I went into the man's bathroom... only to get scolded by a patron when I came out. Now come on, get over it. When ya gotta go ya gotta go! Right?!
    3. I hope Beth doesn't get mad at this one...but she told a hilarious story about her working out again and getting into a routine and fitting in a workout over lunch at work... Well she came back and needed to feel 'fresh' all over... so she used REAL peppermint wipes and boy was she on FIRE! She said her vajay-jay was SUPER minty fresh and not so comfy...This is when I shared the secret of the Always wipes for the fresh feeling throughout the day. I think Beth will make the switch...

  2. You all remind me how much I miss you!!....This gave me a good laugh this morning!!...
    Can't wait to see you next month!!