Monday, December 21, 2009


The other evening, Ignacio, Jodee, Steve, and I went to the movies. We went to the new movie theater that had just opened the night before: SHOWPLACE ICON located just west of Roosevelt and Clark. Oh yes, walking distance from home. That means, I can WALK there. Which means, I can WALK to the movies. Ignacio, the movie lover, and I have been waiting for a long time for this place to open. It is a fancy joint, that has a bar/lounge upstairs that serves food and it also has two theaters that offer VIP seating with love seats and drink service. Also, all of the theaters have assigned seating, so you pick out your seats when you purchase your tickets. Did I mention that I can WALK there?
The 4 of us planned to see "Invictus" at 7:45, so we met at 6:15 so that we could get our tickets and try out the lounge to get a bite to eat. The girls ordered pizza and wine, and the boys ordered beer and paninis. The drinks took a looonnnngggg time to arrive at our table, and at 7:30 when our food was just arriving, we told them to send it back because we obviously did not have enough time to eat it. I was upset because one of the cheeses on my four cheese pizza was GOAT cheese. Oh, how I love goat cheese. Fromage de chevre, je t'aime. We did get our drinks for free, and off to the movie we went with a quick stop at the concession stand since we didn't get a chance to eat. I will say that we are all certain that in the future the lounge will have much better service, and we just experienced opening weekend hiccups.
The concession stand offers popcorn with real butter, and they ask if you want butter in the middle and on top. Ummm, yes! We sat down in our pre-picked seats. When we go to the movies, we try to get the seats with the railing in front of us so that we can use the railings as a footrest. There we sat, feet up, eating popcorn with real butter. The employees came to give a quick schpeel before the movie, and one of them told us to take our feet off the railing. Jodee said, "at AMC they let us do this." The worker replied, "this isn't AMC, it's ICONIC." Snap.
"Invictus" was a great movie with a couple of great messages. Obviously, the message of forgiveness was so powerful, but my favorite words of the movie were: I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul. Those are the last words of the poem Invictus by William Ernest Henley. To me, it meant no matter how horrible your life is/was/could be, you have the power to make it what you want it to be.

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  1. Ok the theater sounds awesome..and REAL the middle AND on top-awesome.
    I am going to have to see the movie-obviously I heard it was good but did not know anyone who had seen it...sounds like moving stuff.

    oh yeah, and walking to the movies, just plain jealous:)