Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Winning isn't everything

I've always loved the TV show 'Charmed'. I've always known I was a witch with special powers, I'm just waiting to find out what my powers are. I'm sure I'll be informed sometime soon. Phoebe, played by Alyssa Milano on the show, had the power of empathy at some point. She could feel people's emotions. (she also had an awesome body, and I'm sure that is just around the corner for me too!) I have often felt like I was an empath. I hate conflict, and when people are fighting or arguing or being treated badly, I have to leave the room. I feel bad inside, just like the people who are involved in the conflict. I am over-sensitive, that's for sure.

When watching sport games, I feel so bad for the losing team (as long as they aren't playing a Chicago team). The cameras always show the defeated team/opponent and they look so sad. And inevitably, I feel terrible. I have to change the channel.

Growing up, I went to most of my brother's baseball, football, and wrestling matches (thank goodness wrestling only lasted for one season). If Tiger got upset on the field, I would get upset in the stands. If he cried, I cried. Wrestling was the worst.

This year, my nephew, Cooper, started wresting. He is the littlest guy as usual, but he is scrappy, and is holding his own.

After his last match this past weekend, he told his parents that he felt bad for the other kid when he beats him, and that he doesn't have to win all the time. Yeah, I think Cooper has special powers too.

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