Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Getting my Zzzzzzzs

For Christmas, my mom got me just what I asked for: a Zafu and Zabuton. Every morning, I try to meditate/send my thoughts to the Universe/set my day up. I sit quietly for 10 minutes, and ground myself and generally think good thoughts about my day and life. I also BREATHE. Do you ever have one of those times where you are doing something, and then you remember that you forgot to breathe? Sitting quietly helps me remember to breathe, and what a gift deep breath is. It feels beautiful.

I start and end my meditation saying this: I am a whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, happy, 140 pound, international billionaire. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I am well aware that a couple of those things are not true----YET. Just you wait.

I also get an e-mail from the Universe every morning that helps me set the tone for my day. I've been getting them for a couple years now, and I love them.

So, I thought with getting the new floors and having an uncluttered living room, that a zafu and zabuton would be just the ticket to help get the last few things of my mantra to come true.

Yesterday was the first morning I brought out the z and z for my morning meditation. I set them up on the NEW floor, and I went to sit down. I must have placed my large butt too far back on the zafu, and off I fell, right off the back of my z and z. I made it look good though. As I was falling backwards, I pulled into a back somersault, then extended out into a handstand. Can you picture it? Oh yeah, that got a good laugh from me. The cats and dog were even snickering.

I eventually did get my booty situated just right on the zafu, and it was a great morning meditation. The zafu and zabuton are a great, comfortable combination, and I can just feel that I'll be a 140 pound billionaire any day now.

Yeah, Camel is showing me how it is done.


  1. I, too, love reading my Universe message every day. It makes me feel good. Soon I will be 140 lbs. and a millionaire too. Right now, I care more about the weight than the $$. Mom

  2. That is funny story and I'm laughing picturing you falling over - that is classic! Ha! The floors and couch look beautiful! :)