Thursday, January 21, 2010

January's Dinner: NIGHTWOOD

Heather's pick for January was Nightwood.  It is a restaurant that has a menu that changes daily depending on what is available at the markets.

There were eight of us at dinner: me, Aimee, Susan, Nancy, Heather, Liz, Stephanie, and Pat.

Dinner got off to a late start because a couple people that shall remain nameless (AIMEE AND SUSAN) were 40 minutes late.  Do they not know me by now?  Do they not realize that I may kill someone if I do not eat when I am hungry?  I mean, seriously people.

Everyone ordered an appetizer, and by the looks of the plates, they were pretty tasty.  Naturally, my appetizer had goat cheese involved.

Dinner was very good.  Again, from the look of the plates, people enjoyed what they were eating.  The things that were ordered were:  trout, ravioli filled with short ribs, home made spaghetti, chicken,  and some other home made pasta with butternut squash.

Nightwood was very smart and sat us at a long table in the basement.   A couple of us, or shall I say, most of us, can be a loud bunch.

I am so tired right now.  I am writing at well past my bedtime so that people who shall remain nameless (LIZ) will not give me a hard time for writing during work hours.

In summary, another successful, delicious dinner in Chi-town with a fabulous group of women.

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  1. How can you guys eat so much food? And...your dinners are so expensive!! As long as everyone has a good time -- that's all that matters. Mom