Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wrinkle Free

I am one lazy bitch. For years (and years), I've gone to work (or out for that matter) in wrinkled clothes. I am all about being comfortable, and if my clothes are wrinkled, that has no bearing on my comfortableness. So instead of going in the closet and lugging out the ironing board that is generally buried under my Grandma Katie cart* and vacuum, I just go out in wrinkled clothes.
Ignacio has been talking for years about putting an ironing board in our wall. I was so against it. I didn't want something in the wall, jutting out, looking bad. I fought him for years on it. Then, my friend Don came to stay with us over the Christmas holiday. Ignacio pitched his idea to Don about the ironing board (Don is an avid ironer), and Don LOVED the idea.
Fast forward a couple weeks, and I come home from work and there is a GAPING hole in the wall for the ironing board that Ignacio purchased at Home Depot. There was no discussion before-hand, just a hole in the wall. I guess Ignacio just needed Don's approval to get going.
Let me say for the record, I was wrong. Ignacio and Don were right.
I love the ironing board in the wall. I actually use it! I feel like Lucille Ball for some reason.

It even has an 'arm' to come down if you want to iron your sleeves. It also has a light inside and an outlet so you can plug the iron in right there. There are also metal plates inside the cabinet where the iron is placed. That means no worries about putting a hot iron away! Pretty awesome. I swear, that Ignacio can do anything.

*Grandma Katie cart is a wheeled cart that I use for grocery shopping and laundry, named for my dad's mom who never drove and just wheeled her cart to the Hi/Lo grocery store in South Chicago.


  1. I love it and I think I would iron more if I had one.....BTW Jodee has a Grandma Kate cart she uses to and from her car to her apt...I know this b/c I gave it to her :)
    Ignacio ROCKS.

  2. It looks amazing!! Great job Iggy!! Do you think you will actually iron now or just love looking at it and hanging things from it? :)

  3. I love it! Maybe I can figure out a place to put one in my house and pay Iggy to install (ha, ha).

  4. To iron is to live. Try it everyone - it's fun stuff!! :)

    Don (partial inspiration behind ironing board)