Tuesday, August 3, 2010

if I were the Bachelorette...

Last night was the finale of The Bachelorette and the final two guys had to meet the girl’s family. The entire time I was watching Ali, the bachelorette, I was chuckling and giggling as I thought about how everything would go down if I were the Bachelorette and my final two guys had to meet my family.

(for those of you living under a rock, on the show The Bachelor/Bacherlette, after 8 weeks of weeding out potential spouses from a pool of 25, the final 2 ‘candidates’ meet the Bacherlor/Bachelorette’s family so that the family may bond with the candidates and give their 2 cents as to whom the final pick should be)

On the shows I’ve seen, when the final two meet the family, it’s always a normal dinner and normal conversation, and everything seems so comfortable.

My family has always been a family of few words. We don’t say much, but I think when we do say something, it’s either important and you’d better pay attention, or it’s funny/sarcastic, and you’d better get a tough skin.

I can just see it now if I was the Bachelorette, and I brought Ignacio as one of two men to meet my family.

Take one:

Mom: You know Ignacio [obviously of Hispanic heritage], we love Mexican food, and always eat tacos and salsa.

Dad: So, after 2 months, you really think you love my daughter? Did you know she can be a real bitch sometimes?

My bro: You’ve got to be freaking kidding me…you had to come on a television show to meet a chick? What kind of loser are you?

Take two:

Mom: [crickets chirping]

Dad: [crickets chirping] I can’t believe I am forced to have a conversation with you on camera. This is ridiculous, why the hell would my daughter go on a television show? I can’t believe I had to buy new jeans for this.

My bro: [crickets chirping] Do you like Walter Payton? Yes? Cool.

I would be scared to death to bring someone to meet my family on camera. Do they have Photoshop for TV? Because my family would make me so nervous, that they would have to Photoshop the pit stains out from my underarms.


  1. Did you ever watch Flavor of Love? Now THOSE people should not have brought their parents on tv!

    I need someone to photoshop my pit stains and I'm not even on tv.

  2. I always think the same thing about the final 2. That's where I would probably pull Chris Harrison into the "deliberation room" and tell him that sadly all the members of my family have perished, and therefore we will just take the final 2 to meet my friends. The most dramatic rose ceremony ever!

  3. So funny and agree it would be so akward...and I really think some dad, when asked for his approval of the dude marrying his daughter is going to say "hell no, you don't even know my daughter and the past few weeks haven't been reality"