Sunday, September 12, 2010

making beautiful music together

Saturday evening, we were just hanging around at home watching something on television.  We live on a rather loud street; there are crazy college kids, the "L" (Chicago's train), and sirens that can make it difficult to leave your windows open on a lovely fall evening.  So, like I said, we were just sitting around watching TV when I heard something that made me want to examine the source further.

I walked to my terrace and looked down, and saw this:

There was an amazing gathering of musicians right below us playing the most beautiful and joyous music.  It was like something that I would see in a movie, only it was happening right there....just a few feet below me.  

They were singing and playing and drinking wine, and it was just the most beautiful thing to witness.  

I was aware that our downstairs neighbor, Paul, played the piano, but I didn't know that he also played the accordion.
All I know is that I hope Paul makes this a monthly least!  There were even people on their balconies across the street enjoying and applauding the show.
Take a peek and a listen...

Impromptu Concert from Natalie Mikolajczak on Vimeo.

You couldn't help but smile, right?


  1. I saw the accordion and HOPED it was going to be POLKA music. Alas, it wasn't. Good music though, not polkas which are, btw, the unofficial official music of Sunday**, but good music nevertheless.


    **Ask any southside Polish person and I'm pretty sure at one time or another they will say they listened to (either by choice or force) polka music on the radio on Sunday. Maybe by the call letters: WTAQ.,,La Grange.

  2. I shared your blog with Paul...he was concerned that his folk group may have disturbed the neighbors!

  3. how awesome - you never know what will pop up in the city - so was Camel barking at Ignacio?

  4. SO COOL!!!! Although I don't think Camel liked Iggy's dance skills. :o/

  5. Yep, Sunday's were always Polka time, on the radio, at Busia & Dziadzia's in South Chicago!! That little get-together/concert was so very uplifting!

  6. That is the best part of the city. Artistic people pop up just about anywhere. Out in the burbs its just the annoying rap music and a lot of bass

  7. Susan, yes Camel was barking at Ignacio. She doesn't even like it when he breathes. ;(

  8. Isn't city living great? I'm going to miss the college students who were renting next to me. The music at their parties (which were few. Being med students they didn't have much time to party.)was great. It is wonderful to see the value of living close together. Those unexpected occurances are sometimes the best event of the day.