Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Red Shoes

I’ve always contended that wearing red shoes makes your day infinitely better. So, I have many pairs of red shoes. Red shoes for every season and reason.

If I am wearing an outfit that is mostly black or gray, I need to spice it up, and red shoes are the perfect addition. I like the statement they make. I think the red shoes say, “hey I’m a funky chick and I don’t take myself too seriously.” Other people probably think my red shoes say something entirely different like, “Whoa, if I wore a size 11 shoe, I sure as hell wouldn’t be accentuating them with RED shoes.” Yeah, whatever.

I am participating in The Shed Project: 8 weeks of losing it; an adventure in letting go. This past weekend our assignment was to clean out our closet. In the process, my red shoes decided they wanted to pose for a photo shoot. So out we went on the terrace for a shoot. As you can see, the shoot went long, and the one tall red boot was tired and like “c’mon already, 50 pictures is enough! I can’t stand anymore.”

So yeah, cleaning out my closet….YIKES!! I have said before that I am a pack rat just like my mother and her mother before her, so The Shed Project is something I really need. In two days, I managed to fill NINE garbage bags with clothes and shoes from my closet and the linen closet. NINE!! I didn’t even go through my hanging clothes; just the clothes on the shelves (and in drawers).

Ignacio dropped off all the bags at the homeless shelter, and I just know I made some Amazon woman (like me) with size 11 feet very, very happy.

So, do yourself a favor and make sure you have at least one pair of red shoes, it will change your life.

*to clarify:  the red shoes in the photo shoot were keepers, only one pair of red shoes (not pictured....too painful to be reminded) were donated.


  1. Oh my goodness, I covet all your red shoes!! i tried to find some red heels for boudoir pics but came home with blue suede instead.

  2. What's the Shed Project.....I think Laura Ikens may be interested (I know she's gotten through all of her papers and will be moving on to another area in her condo).

    I can't believe you let those red boots go...

  3. Never mind....clicked on the link. Wakey, wakey.

  4. I LOVELOVELOVE the first pair on the top left.
    I need those.
    9 bags!!..Does that mean you can shop for new stuff??...Sounds like a good idea!!

  5. I love red shoes! I agree, I mostly wear black and gray so I love to add color with shoes!

  6. I keep looking at red shoes, but not buying until my feet go back after pregnancy.
    Doesn't it feel great to get rid of all those clothes/shoes. Let's go shopping!!!!

  7. I came over from LauraC's blog and have been reading for about an hour... love your heart!

    And I LOVE LOVE LOVE your red shoes. I'm like that with red handbags - can you truly have enough? They just jazz up your outfit and your mood. I also think that it makes me feel sassy and just a bit out there, especially since I"m in financial services :)