Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Ultimate Vacation

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When I was in my 20’s, I had no desire to travel to Europe.  I thought that there was so much to see in the United States, that there was no reason to travel to Europe.  Now, it is all I can think of.  Paris. France. Cheese. Wine.  I have become obsessed.

I have been to Paris three times.  The first time I went with a friend who was fluent with French and France.  I saw a few of the required Paris monuments and got a small taste of Provence.  On my next two visits to Paris I was busy showing my boyfriend, and then my mother all of the required viewing for someone’s first trip to Paris.

Now that I feel I have gotten most of the ‘required’ viewing out of the way; I am dying to get back to Paris and France and to really discover it.   I would love to take my boyfriend and my mom, and spend a week in Paris with no visits to Notre Dame or the Eiffel Tower.  I want to wander for hours without a destination and just let the day happen.  I want to have happy accidents and discover as many sites, sounds, and smells as possible.  I want to have a serendipitous adventure.

I want to wake up in the morning without a plan.  I want for us to venture out of our rented apartment and stumble upon a café that is calling our name.  We can sit at that café for as long as we want because there is no schedule; we will stroll along the streets without a care in the world because there is no place we have to be.  We'll be more relaxed and more courageous in using our limited French (and by the end of the trip, we'll be close to fluent).  We will have wine with every meal except breakfast, and cheese with every meal.  Crepes with Nutella will become my new best friend.  And the best thing about this trip is that I won't gain a pound.....the pounds will actually melt off of me from sheer delight.

After a week in Paris, we will to travel to the south of France.  We will take the TGV (high speed train) to the south of France, then rent a car and drive to a small village and stay in a very old castle.  We will go on hikes and bike rides and walk through lavender fields.  We will eat goat cheese from the village goat(s) and drink wine from the nearest vineyard. 

We will also take a day trip to St. Tropez and dip our toes in the Mediterranean Sea.  We will explore the small villages we happen upon all the while breathing in the fresh air that smells better than any air we've ever breathed.

I swear, this trip is sounding so good to me that I know I am going to start dreaming about it.  I think I'll spray some lavender linen spray on my pillow just so I can have the full effect.  I am also going to start working on my French lessons; I need to know how to order my wine and cheese with confidence.

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  1. "Pounds will melt off me in sheer delight"
    Can I come on this trip?? The only place in France I have been was on the mediterranean for a day while driving from Vienna to Barcelona.