Wednesday, January 19, 2011

conspiracy theory

My dog, Camel, had an appointment with the groomer (which is also a pet store) yesterday. While I was there, I picked up a new bag of healthy treats for Camel as well as supplies for the cats (Piccolo and Sweetness).

(Camel is named after my dad. His nickname was Camel because he ran so slowly. The cats are both named for Chicago Bears players: Walter Payton aka Sweetness and Brian Piccolo aka James Caan from the tear-jerker of a movie, Brian’s Song. GO BEARS!!!)

I left Camel’s treats on the kitchen counter which should have been no big deal. But Piccolo and Camel hatched a plan in the early hours. We get up mighty early in our palace on State Street, and when I was lying in bed, I noticed that Camel wasn’t in my sights. Camel is usually always near me, she follows me everywhere I go. Very often, I will have all 3 furbabies follow me to the bathroom, and if the door is closed, I’ll find this when I open it:
Camel and Sweetness

Like I said, Camel wasn’t in my sights, which can only mean one thing: Camel is up to no good. I walked to the kitchen, and found that Camel’s buddy/nemesis/bully Piccolo had knocked the treats onto the floor. Needless to say, Camel received no breakfast this morning after finishing off an entire bag of Stella and Chewy raw treats.

Camel caught in the act


  1. haha too funny! my pets don't often pull these kinds of stunts however i can't get mad at them when they do. :) cute pets!! hugs!!

  2. Ha Ha. I gave my dog a treat the other day. He likes to play with it for a while and then eat it. Well he left it on the floor and then my mean cat (fights with the dog) came and gobbled it up. The look on my dog's face was priceless!

  3. Absolutely too cute!