Wednesday, January 26, 2011

my healthy secret

I almost hate to write about how healthy I've been in fear of jinxing myself, but I feel like I should share what I consider to be my secret.  I am (or hopefully, was) the type of person who would get at least 3 good colds a year.  The type of cold where I would inevitably lose my sense of smell and taste, and there is nothing worse than losing my sense of taste; I love food too much.
The last six months or so, I have been religiously taking Emergen-C first thing every morning, and then before bed, I've been taking Homefirst's Maintenance Program for Women which includes vitamin D, a multi-vitamin, and an omega 3.  I've also added in an 'emotional well-being' supplement to chase away the blues and the blahs.  I was taking Dr. Weil's Mood Support Formula, but on my last trip to Whole Foods they didn't have it, so I found a replacement:  Gaia Herbs' Phyto-Proz Supreme (which I think I may like better). 
A couple months ago, Ignacio got pretty sick which he rarely does and I thought for sure I would get sick as well, but I didn't.  I can only credit my supplements and my dedication in taking them.
If I feel a tickle in my throat or a bit of the sniffles, I will take an extra dose of Emergen-C and and extra vitamin D.  So far, so very good.

Now I am crossing my fingers the Universe doesn't punish me by admitting that I haven't been sick in quite awhile. 
What are your secrets to staying healthy?


  1. My secret to staying healthy is avoiding my children and husband when they are sick. HA HA!

    The only times I've been sick in the last five years was sharing a drink and/or kiss on the mouth from my germ leaden kids. My theory is that I was a day care kid so I have immune system of steel.

    My kids can be crying and whining about being thirsty but I will never share drinks with them. I am CRAZY about it.

  2. Breathing with someone else' lungs... xoxo