Friday, June 17, 2011

june girls dinner

Aimee chose Enoteca Roma for our June dinner.  For our summer dinners, we really make an effort to eat al fresco because our Chicago summers are much too short, yet beautifully awesome.  Enoteca Roma is on a great stretch of Division Street where there are tons of places to eat outside and enjoy the weather and the views.
untitled shoot-013.jpg
We were so 11 o's lucky that Thursday's special is Prosecco.  Three bottles of Prosecco later, and I really can't tell you if the food was good or not.  BOOYAH!
untitled shoot-002.jpg

There were five of us for dinner, and Aimee, Jodee, Beth, Nancy, and I sat outside for three hours enjoying the food, the weather, each other's company, and the PROSECCO!
We started the evening with an assortment of bruschettas and PROSECCO.
untitled shoot-009.jpg
untitled shoot-010.jpg
Beth and I ordered the Dover sole (which I kept calling "Denver sole"...silly me), Jodee had the risotto, and Aimee and Nancy had chicken.
My creation
You'll never believe what happen, but my chocolate dessert arrived, and as usual, I scarfed that thing down before I was able to get a picture.  Seriously, chocolate has this power over me, and I just lose my damn mind.
untitled shoot-028.jpg
I recommend this restaurant, and especially if you can enjoy it al fresco.