Sunday, June 19, 2011

old friends

My friend since the 5th grade, Beth, came to town.  She's been living in LA for 15 years now, so Friday night, Beth, Sylvia (another friend from high school) and me ventured out for an evening of fun.  Our first stop was the rooftop at Epic.  We stayed there for a few hours and had a great time.
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While we were there, we were trying to figure out where to have dinner.  We finally came up with a plan to try to get into Naha.  After all, another high school friend of ours, Terry, is a waiter there.  We called to see if they could squeeze us in at one of Terry's tables, and we found out a great surprise:  Terry is now the restaurant's manager.  Terry made sure we had a great table with delicious champagne and way too much DELICIOUS food.  We ordered three dishes, and twice that much came out.
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Beth and Sylvia said the scallops were amazing, and I said that the gnocchi were the best I've ever had.  The halibut was great, the Mediterranean appetizer plate was delicious, and on and on and on.
My creation

You'll never believe this, but I ordered the chocolate dessert.  Well, Terry came out with the chocolate and three more desserts.  Heaven!
My creation
We sat and laughed and reminisced for over three and half hours.  It was so much fun catching up and also talking about our good old days at Thornridge High School.  It really was a magical evening.  Thanks Terry for taking such good care of us!

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