Monday, April 19, 2010

April's Dinner Club: Mercadito

Jodi picked Mercadito for April's dinner club restaurant, and Jodee is demonstrating what we did very well that night:  drink Margaritas (strong Margaritas).

Because there was more than 6 of us, we had to eat off of the sample menu.  That means that we got 4 different kinds of tacos, 6 different guacamoles, 2 salsas, 2 sides, and dessert.  It was kind of a bummer for me because I am a vegetarian and could only stuff my face with one kind of taco.  Lucky for me, that taco rocked.

As I mentioned, the drinks were strong, and we each had two (except for Jodee and Susan--wowza).  Liz kept telling me that she couldn't feel her nose, and I kept telling her that the reason she couldn't feel her nose, is because she was touching my nose and not hers!

I would definitely want to go Mercadito and try out the regular menu, and I would make sure I was taking a cab so I could enjoy more of those margaritas.

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