Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mondo, baby, MONDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I actually happy cried at 1 am. I really can't remember the last time I cried because I was happy.

I've written about my Mondo Beyondo class before and now it has completed, but the magic hasn't stopped. From this class, I have gained a real live pen-pal (Holli lives in Kentucky), I've met (on-line, not live...YET) many new friends, fellow dreamers, and creative souls. Many of us seem to be still in the thick of the magic and community that has developed over the five weeks of the course. We are creating groups to share ideas and thoughts and dreams, still, even though our class has ended. It's beautiful.

Mondo Beyondo is about dreaming big, and one of the dreams I've had just might become a reality.

I was getting kind of bummed out because many people in my Mondo class have real magic happening, I mean HUGE things. Ummmm, like Mt. Kilimanjaro big. Seriously, someone from the class booked a trip to climb that sucker. So, yeah, REALLY big things happening for people. And naturally, I was wondering where my magic was. (can you hear me whining like a 3-year-old? "but, where is MYYYYYY magic?")

Well, last night, Piccolo (one of cats named after Brian Piccolo from the Chicago Bears, Sweetness, the other cat is named after Walter Payton of the Chicago Bears) woke me up at 1am for her nighttime snack. Yeah, really, it happens every night. I got up, gave Piccolo her treat and Camel (the dog named after my father -- he ran really slow-- my dad, not Camel) has to get a treat too.

--(see, now who needs children when I have pets that don't let me sleep through the night)

I went back to bed, checked my iPhone for the lottery numbers that get e-mailed to me every night after I am already in bed, and saw it. I got an e-mail about one of my dreams.  No, I didn't win the lottery.  The e-mail was about something completely different.  But, it was right there. I could not believe my eyes. I couldn't sleep. I HAD to tell someone. I thought if I called my mom at that hour, she would kill me and Ignacio had fallen asleep at 7pm watching television in the back bedroom. So, I did what any rational person would do. I went and woke him up at 1 am. It took me three times to tell the story before he was coherent and understood what I was saying. I was crying as I was telling him the story, and I kept saying, "IT'S MONDO!" "IT'S MONDO!!"

The two of us were probably awake for two hours giddy with excitement. Then, at 5am, the alarm went off and we were both exhausted from our middle of the night giddiness.

I'll post at a later date once things are a 'for sure' and explain what, hopefully, will be happening. It's not like I'm moving to France (although that is on my Mondo list), but it's a nice little surprise, and a good place to start.

Please click on the 'Mondo Beyondo' button on the right if you are at all interested in this five week course (I will get an incentive if you sign up through this blog). It's all on-line, and not at all time consuming. Please know that it is never to late to dream (MOTHER!!). Never.

after so much excitement about a Mondo dream coming true, the City of Chicago said "NO" to me.  Rat bastards.  The funny thing is that I wasn't deflated when I got the "no".  Yeah, the city can still suck it, but I was okay.  I think the excitement and how close I came to magic happening really lit a fire under my booty to make it happen another way.  So, the city may have closed the door, but as they say, "when one door closes, get a ramming rod, and open it yourself", or something like that.


  1. Love the positive attitude.

    I don't think I've had any super Mondo happen to me. I think the internal change will have to be enough for me. And the sweet sweet Hawaiian coffee I've been drinking too much of.

  2. You will tell us what the dream is, won't you?

  3. Yay yay yay for happy tears and for Mondo!

  4. Hooray for having a positive attitude and persistence!

  5. Oh! I was so excited for you! And then I read the update. But hey - it sounds like it lit a fire under you and your dream will happen regardless. Yay for Mondo Beyondo!